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We specialize in high performance, pure polyurea coatings and liners.  For over 10 years we have been meeting our customer’s needs for secondary containment, tank lining, waterproofing, metal coating and more.  We utilize Versaflex and Chemline polyurea products and applications to help serve our customers.  We offer high performance polyurea spray coatings and pre-sprayed, geotextile membrane liners.  The polyurea coatings we use are fast curing, 100% solids, zero VOCs and are corrosion, erosion and abrasion resistant.  These coatings help to protect, repair and maintain concrete, metal, wood plastic and other surfaces.  Our pre-sprayed, geotextile membrane liners provide a seamless monolithic surface excellent  for secondary containment protection.

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Secondary Containment

Our secondary containment systems can provide protection for the environment, and peace-of-mind for facility owners.  We have several options that can be used for secondary containment structures.  Some of these systems are designed to be combined with fabric or geotextile panels to create a composite liner system that can be installed as a seamless monolithic surface. Other systems can be applied directly to existing concrete substrates of the containment.

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Potable & Waste Water

We provide spray polyurea coatings for potable water tanks, vessels, storage containers and pipes.  Coatings meet the requirements of the standard in cold water use (73.4ºF), but we also have options that can be used in higher temperature applications up to 140ºF.  We offer antimicrobial additives that can also be used.  We also offer coatings for wastewater facilities including sewers, vaults, tanks, pits, pipelines and more. These coatings protect against extreme conditions, chemicals and abrasion.


Tank Lining

We offer spray coating systems for industrial and fuel storage tanks.  These coatings are great for increasing the longevity of the tank life as well as creating a pure polyurea barrier between the internal tank wall and the chemicals, fuel or other materials stored in the tank.  Spray polyurea coatings help prevent corrosion and leaks while greatly reducing the maintenance cost on tanks.

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Exterior Tank & Pipe

We offer spray coating systems for exterior tanks, basins, pipes and concrete structures.  Pure polyurea coatings offer a barrier between the structure and exterior elements.  Polyurea coatings can offer flame resistance, chemical resistance, protection from abrasion, corrosion and water.  These coatings are great for increasing the longevity and appearance of the tank, pipes and concrete structures.  Not only do these coatings protect the structure, but they also reduce maintenance and repair costs.

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